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Dr. Joel B Akin has had the pleasure of appearing throughout numerous media articles over the last few years. He firmly believes that this type of content is essential to building your brand and establishing yourself in the local community.

Joel B Akin

In his discussions with Inspirery and, Dr. Akin spoke on numerous topics surrounding his personal life and passions that drive him. He also spoke about his lengthy career as a veterinarian. He emphasized the importance of restoring animals health and improving the lives that they have. This ultimately leads to the animals owners being happier and satisfied. Some other topics included in these interviews are: his early life, education, his early careers, and his current focus among other things. In addition Dr. Joel B Akin spoke about his current interests which include activities such as: golfing and football, especially college football.

Joel B. Akin | Inspirery

Dr. Joel B Akin is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine who has dedicated his life to the care of animals for twenty-nine years. He earned his undergraduate degree in Animal Science at Texas A&M University, graduating in 1980. Dr. Akin went on to earn his MBA in Marketing and Management at Texas A&M from the Graduate College of Business.